Reflections on the death of Anne Hamilton Byrne

Ben Shenton

June 17, 2019


Friday the 14th of the month!

Two days that book-ended two momentous occasions in the life of Anne Hamilton-Byrne, the leader of arguably Australia’s most notorious cult, ‘The Family’.

The first one was Friday the 14th of August 1987. I, Ben Shenton formerly known as Benjamin Saul Hamilton-Byrne, along with the other ‘kids’ were rescued from my childhood home, Kai Lama. It was a 5 acre property surrounded by barbed wire fence that was situated on the shores of Lake Eildon, a popular holiday spot in Victoria. Up to 100 members of the Nunawading policing squad came to rescue us from what they believed was just a child abuse issue.

Almost 32 years passed between Friday the 14th of August 1987 and Friday the 14th June 2019 when news spread like wild fire that Anne Hamilton-Byrne passed out of this world and stepped into eternity failing to cheat death like all the rest of humanity.

Further police investigations by ‘Forest’ Task force included a call for a royal commission by the late Police Detective Peter Spence to fully show that something far more dangerous and sinister was going on. Their investigation alleged that this involved the acquisition and administration of LSD and other controlled substances to underage minors, systematic failures in government agencies to detect and stop her allegedly illegal activities.  Tragically this advice was never acted on.  However, the task force under the leadership of Lex DeMan was eventually given a brief to investigate and charge Anne Hamilton-Byrne and her third husband Bill.  In June 1993 they tracked them down to their American property in the town of Hurleyville in the Catskills in upstate New York and worked with the FBI to extradite them.  On their return to Australia they faced a Melbourne court over the charges of conspiracy to defraud and commit perjury by falsely registering the births of three unrelated children as their own triplets.  They pleaded guilty and were fined $5,000 each and as part of the extradition agreement they were not charge with any of the other criminal abuse that their ‘children’ and other children of cult members received while under their authority and care.

The cult slowly dwindled away with the death of burial of her third husband Bill in 2001,  the Life for All Creatures trust fund set up with cult members David Munro, Helen Buchanan and Timothy Mackay administering it.  With the advanced on set of dementia in 2007 she was moved into Centennial Lodge Nursing Home, Wantirna South (Victoria) and eventually died Thursday night the 13th of June 2019.

She outlived her estranged daughter Natasha, who had successfully sued her mother for her assets that remained in England, and cult members that are either in the final years of their lives or holding together what is left of the finances that have dwindled from the sale of properties in the US, England and Australia.

As one of the ‘sons’ of Anne and Bill Hamilton-Byrne who as handed over to them when I was 18 months by birth mother I look back on a woman who I grew up believing that she was my mother.  In 1987 I found out she wasn’t and that I had been living a lie fabricated by her to create a reality of her making.  She acquired and wielded genuine occultic spiritual power tapped into through mediation and the use of drugs to convince potential followers of her credentials and then completely control every aspect of their lives.

From 1987 onward as I’ve grappled with the fall out of this woman’s demonically inspired reign that continues to impact the lives of people to this day, now is a good time to pause and look into how and why the door was opened through her life that has profoundly changed the course and destiny of so many lives.  There are lessons to be learnt that mankind has always wrestled with.  The answers on the meaning of life, the source of power and the eternal destination of mankind have already been provided and we ignore them at our peril as we seek ‘alternate’ ways.  This battle is as old as the one fought over the souls of mankind in the garden of Eden as recorded in God’s word and are as relevant today and into the future in all cultures and throughout all times.

Anne’s life lived from December 31 1921 to 13 June 2019 is but another episode of this conflict played out and the reality of the huge impact it has if we ignore the truth that will set us free and believe the lies that the devil will provide with lying signs and wonders that no human intellect or personality is a match for.


Born Evelyn Grace Victoria Edwards in Sale in 31 December 1921, the eldest of seven children, her childhood was troubled.

Rather than being descended from French Aristocracy as Anne claimed; her mother Florence Hoile, was from Wandsworth, in South London.  She spent most of her life in mental asylums in Australia and eventually died in one. In the 1920’s it was rumoured that Florence set her hair on fire in the street while living in Sale. She claimed to be a medium and psychic who could communicate with the dead.  This connection with the occult flowed through into her daughter’s life Anne.  Her father Ralph Edwards, was born in an inner Melbourne factory suburb in 1892.  Like many men from his era, he went to Europe to fight in World War I in his early 20’s and on his return from the front he married Florence.

He was largely absent and so Anne spent years in the Melbourne orphanage as her father was classified as ‘whereabouts unknown; after running away from an unpaid war veteran’s debt.  In 1929, age eight, Anne was enrolled at Sunshine Primary School in Melbourne’s west.  From official records according to the research done by Chris Johnson and Rosie Jones in the book ‘The Family‘ there’s a gap in the 1930’s.  With her father more absent than not and her mother in an out of asylum’s there’s a chance that Anne was the stand in mother for her seven other siblings.  In years that she would go on and run Australia’s arguably most notorious cult ‘The Family’ she would claim that she had to identify the body of her sister that had been raped and then burnt.


By 1941, aged 20, Anne married her first husband Lionel Harris.  He joined the army and soon after was posted interstate, went AWOL for nearly eight months and was arrested by military police after being found with his wife back in Victoria. He served another year before being discharged on compassionate grounds.

The Bathurst newspaper reported that Lionel Harris, a car salesman, who was on his way back to Sydney to pick up a baby boy that he wanted to adopt with Anne from Barnardo Homes was killed at age 33 when two cars collided at an intersection. He left behind Anne’s only daughter Judith who would later change her name to Natasha.  Anne would claim that she had many more children in the late 1960’s through to 1976 which would have made her 55 and even after she’d had a hysterectomy.

Anne’s father died in Brisbane in 1955 and died there in a hospital in 1966.  Her mother Florence, spent half her life in Asylums in an round Melbourne: The Royal Park mental hospital, Mont Part, Ararat, and Sunbury before dying in 1971.

Anne would later claim in sermons to her followers given in cults Santiniketan lodge located in the Melbourne Dandenongs that her mother wrote dead people’s stories after channelling their spirits and this was why sh e had been classed as mentally ill.

Anne then married Michael Riley, a South African naval officer, in 1965.  Their marriage only lasted for one year but put her in contact with the renowned and highly well connected and influential Melbourne academic, Dr. Raynor Carey Johnson.  Michael was his gardener. Their marriage only lasted for one year but connected her with this academic that would be the catalyst for the inception of the cult.


Anne started teaching yoga in Melbourne and a satellite city close by called Geelong in the 1950’s.  The Gita School of Yoga was opened in 1960 in Melbourne by Margrit Segesman, under whom Anne trained and with home whom she worked.  Segesman was the daughter of a Swiss banker, she lived in Indian ashrams and followed a Tibetan guru.  Anne met her on a windy, rainy day in Melbourne and helped her pull some awnings down outside her school; Anne introduced herself as a physiotherapist and nurse.

Anne continued to make the claim that she had a Tibetan guru and she was a trained nurse and qualified physiotherapist.  None of these claims had any proof that could be substantiated through registrations with the relevant boards or certificates gained from courses completed.  It is even believed that she ‘borrowed’ parts of Margrit’s story about having a Tibetan master and made it her own.

Yoga was a booming craze in Melbourne in the 1960’s with the growing popularity of Eastern Mysticism and the occult accelerated by the Beatles trip to India and the Hippie movement.  Anne gathered a following in the yoga community and was very successful in especially drawing wealthy middle age woman to her classes.  She also had clear spiritual power that got results in the physical world.  At Segesman’s school, she cast a spell on a young man in a class who disagreed with her.  As told in ‘The Family’ book by a former cult member, she cast a spell on a young man in a class who disagreed with her. ‘Anne went into the kitchen when they were clearing up and she muttered, “He’s not going to be here tomorrow, he’s going to be very sick.” The next day the man was and this incident caused Segesman to break all ties with Anne but gave her a reputation of having influence over people’s well being, for good or for bad.  She continued to wield this power and influence over all whom she came in contact with as she meditated daily and channelled demonic spiritual power to control and influence the lives of others to bend them to her own will that’s proved to be inspired from the pit of hell.

Three days before Christmas in 1962 she rang the bell of the study of Dr. Raynor C. Johnson in the grounds of his home at the University of Melbourne. He was the English-born ahead of the university’s Queens College.  He earned an MA at the University of Oxford and, in 1922, a PhD in physics at the University of London. He lectured in natural philosophy at the Queen’s University, Belfast between 1923 and 1927. He published scientific works on spectroscopy. He became increasingly interested in parapsychology and became connected with the Society for Psychical Research in London.
Johnson’s religious background led to work in Australia, where he was master of the Methodist Queen’s College at the University of Melbourne from 1934 to 1964. By this time he was married with two young daughters; his wife Mary held a master of science from the University of London.  Johnson published several books on mysticism and psychical research during the 1950’s and 1960’s. His beliefs and writings eventually created concern within the Methodist Church.

It was just before Dr. Johnson was due to visit India, where he met Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and lectured on spirituality that Anne knocked on his study door.  She informed him that he was about to take this trip that he’d need to watch his wife’s health there as she could see some danger there.   This happened and they had to return with his wife suffering a severe attack of dysentery.

On the Johnson’s return to Melbourne in 1963 they sought out Anne and quickly became the initial initiates into ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ or as it became commonly known, ‘The Family’.  May 4th 1963 was a pivotal moment when news broke that Anne’s daughter Judy, 19 at the time, had crashed her car while driving along the Point Nepean Highway near Frankston. A double compound fracture to the base of her skull could easily have resulted in death and the surgeon whom Dr. Raynor Johnson personally new reported deep facial lacerations.  Anne immediately organised spirit-help and prayers and within two days her daughter was sitting up in bed with her blood pressure and temperature normal.  A week later, much to the surprise of the hospital staff and surgeons Judy was able to leave the hospital and Raynor and his wife took her home. As they reflected on this, Johnson wrote in his diary, that he told his wife: ‘I think this is the most Christ-like person I have ever met.’

By 1964 he was asked to retire from Melbourne University as his rejection of thr divinity of Christ caused major doctrinal issues for the methodist Queens College. He became fully involved in recruiting people from Melbourne’s intelligentsia as he gave talks on spirituality and the paranormal and pointed people to his guru, Anne Hamilton.


Anne was able to insert herself into the right situation, with the right people and gain a foothold.  She handed out three books Yoga and the Bible by Joseph Lemming which is blatantly blasphemous with its twisting and reinterpretation of Holy Scripture to suit a demonic agenda that denies the divinity of Jesus the Christ, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda and Science of Breath by Swami Vivekananda.  These laid out the ideology of her view of the world that presented herself as the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ indwelt with the Christ spirit, the reality of karma and how that could be paid for from past lives and how to stop incurring it in this life so you became one with God consciousness and break the cycle of life and death immediately.  Her use of LSD in ‘clearings’ was used to prove past lives and the karma piled up that she had the power and willingness to pay for and then the total submission and obedience to her will ensured that her followers that were initiated into her way and being their master ensured they didn’t acquire any further karma to work through.  It set up these people that came to her with broken families, death of loved ones, mental issues from drug and alcohol abuse often masking underlying issues stemming from sexual abuse and or absence of parents, sickness, deep spiritual yearnings looking for the answers to life.  They were looking for answers to life both temporal and eternal and were fed a promise that was based on a lie and destroyed their lives.  The devil found the perfect pawn to destroy the lives of people who came searching for answers and were either willingly or unwillingly deceived.  It’s amazing the lies you believe when you reject the truth!


Her last husband Bill Byrne was a wealthy Englishman who settled in the La Trobe valley in the Gippsland area of Victoria.  He was a member of the local council and had a wife and four children.  Their family was never the same when he met Anne Hamilton.  His was enamoured with Anne and his wife May was quickly pushed off to the side and sent to the mental hospital ‘Newhaven’ in the suburb of Kew that Anne used.  Newhaven was run by Joan Vilimek who was a cult member and two cult psychiatrists John Mackay and Howard Whitaker would administer LSD to patients and cult members under Anne’s directions as ‘clearings’.  As they were deprived of food and sleep and kept in a darkened room while ‘nurses’ worked on them, Anne would use the information gathered to convince them of their past Karma and deep seated issues from past lives that she would free them of.  There were many people that never recovered from this level of hallucinogens.  Over the years most of Bill’s children became estranged from him as he eventually married Anne in 1977 and demanded complete loyalty to Anne and her beliefs if he was to stay in relationship with them.

Anne turned her attention to building her own family convincing cult members that she was pregnant with many children as she wore pregnancy smocks for years that were especially made for her.  This was all a ruse. It’s always about the next generation.  They are the most vulnerable, the most trusting, the most easily influenced and hold the key to controlling the future.  It takes a huge amount of planning and great cost to carry it out but the rewards are huge.  Look no further than Hitler with the brown shirts or Mao Zhang with the red shirts to see the strategy of indoctrinating and using the next generation to step past the influence that the older generation might have to stop their ideology from taking root and flourishing

To quote Dr. Raynor Johnson

This is perhaps the most amazing aspect of my Master’s work.  Viewed as a piece of organisation with devoted and sacrificial help, it is staggering in its outlook, yet it was planned with consciousness of its magnitude and the great responsibility of this undertaking.  It had to cover say 10-15 years before it could lead to success.  Only a great Master, equally at home in this world and the next – could have hoped to carry it through to a conclusion.

It amounted to this – a group of children, some already born here, some yet to be born, were brought together, fostered and adopted and trained from the beginning of their lives in as perfect conditions as could be provided.  Their health was meticulously supervised and all aspects of their welfare and education were considered and provided for.  Before they came it was known by the Master when and where and to what parents they were coming and what qualities potentially they brought with them from past lives.

It is safe to say the future age will see them, unknown though they are, as custodians and continuers of the work their Master has set going in many parts of the world.

So it happened. Anne gathered up to 28 children of which 14 were claimed to be either her direct children or grandchildren of hers.  I grew up believing I was a twin of a girl who it would later be proved I wasn’t even related to and we were of completely different ages. I was handed over at 18 months by my mother on the request of Anne.  My mother was told she was looking after the property in Ferntree Gully, my father had already been sent over to England and the best possible life would me being brought up at the idyllic property at Lake Eildon with Anne and Bill has my parents. My mother faded into the background and made no attempts to contact me.

Anne acquired children through adoptions, providing solutions to the growing problem of babies born out of wedlock as the sexual revolution got into full swing in the 1960’s.  Some were children that others didn’t want that had physical and or behavioural issues.  One was a downs-syndrome child who has lived her whole life in England and ‘looked after’ by cult members. Undeniably there was some good done in among all the destruction anf many sincere followers did what they believed was right and have held onto that belief to maintain their sanity.

The money required to finance this came out of what cult members gave to Anne’s grand plan as she took up offerings each time people gathered at her weekly meetings at Santineketan lodge in the Dandenongs.  Other money was handed over by cult members through signing over their business empires, leaving money in their wills or divorce settlements.

There was more than enough left over to fund a lavish lifestyle and the creation of her family of Hamilton-Byrne’s with matching uniforms and bleached blond haircuts was part of Anne compensating for the childhood she lived with often absent parents living in an institution.  Life at Kai Lama on the shores of Lake Eildon reflected this model with Anne and Bill only coming up on a Friday night after we were all in bed and most often leaving on a Sunday night as we went to bed when they were in the country.  Anne ruled by proxy through he signed rule book which meted out punishments that involved copious amounts of lines being written at the slightest infraction, missing out on meals for days on end, cold showers, being beaten with three cornered plastic canes, wooden rulers and belt buckles, our fingers being held over naked candle flames and having our heads held in buckets of water until we nearly drowned.


As recounted in late Sarah Moore’s book ‘Unseen, Unheard, Unknown’ the life of Anne’s children at Kai Lama was very regimented and controlled. All newspapers were scoured and articles were censored by being cut out to protect the narrative and control what we believed.  Any outside influence that interrupted the ‘echo chamber’ of Anne’s reality was weeded out and removed.

However, the difficulty of hiding us and then the Victorian board of education only allowing schooling at the cult property Kai Lama to go to Year 10.

This meant that all the boys were scheduled to go to boarding school in England the girls did correspondence school.

As documented in Sarah Hamilton-Byrne’s book using the cults motto Unseen, Unheard, Unknown she was eventually she was kicked out when inviting a non sect member back to the property. She linked up with another girl who had successfully run away and started a life outside the cult totally on her own with no support or help.  Along with a third girl who was going to a school in Melbourne and living with a non sect member. They provided the police with statements on what the abuse that was occurring at Kai Lama.

They had all been given LSD when they  were young teenager in a ‘clearing’ session and didn’t want any of us to go through the same traumatic experience when Anne was due to come back to Australia in the next couple of months.  This convinced the police to organise rescuing the seven of us who were still there on August 14 1987.

With the public scrutiny of the cult only the most committed members remained. However,  eventually the in-house lawyer Peter Kibby, who had done all the deed poll changes and legal work eventually working with the Forest task force along with one of the ‘senior Aunts’ Patrica MacFarlane who was responsible for looking after the children at Kai Lama.

As I reflect back on the last thirty years I have reconnected with my mother yet even though she isn’t physically in the cult she is still living with the fallout of her decisions to give her life to Anne.  My mother still feels a great love and loyalty for a woman who by her own admission believed was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ who called her back from ‘the other side’ and healed her as she was paralysed and bedridden.  It has cost her many relationship in her family and her financial independence where at 87 she still works for a living.  We eventually connected some 15 years ago and have slowly worked through a relationship where while there is honesty there are topics that we don’t agree on and are too painful for my mother to work through.

With the passing on of Anne Hamilton-Byrne into eternity it is clear that she isn’t Jesus Christ.  He died but then rose again and appeared to over 500 witnesses. He ascended into heaven into the spiritual realm and delegated His power and authority to all who would accept that His death, shedding of His perfect blood was the price that paid for our breaking of relationship with God.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit that raised Him back to life is available to all of us to transform us.  What Anne peddled was a twisted version of this that removed Jesus Christ out and put her there instead. It is exactly what the devil desires, to worship him so he usurps the rightful place of Jesus Christ.  Anne will now be standing ready to be judged by the real Jesus Christ and her knee will now bow and her tongue will confess that He is Lord and not her!  She was a pawn used by the devil to delude all those who rejected Jesus Christ’s lordship over death and our lives, His creation.

It’s hard to feel grief or sadness at her passing from this temporal world because of the broken families, suicides, drug addictions and overdoses, the financial crippling of everyone who gave to her.  It was like a black hole that people gravitated to and had the life sucked out of them.  So much pain of those that suffered at the hands of the implementation of her ideology that gave her a good life but hurt most of those around her is plain for all to see. The greatest tragedy is those that believed that she taught a path to enlightenment and understood that the deprivations they experienced in life was payment of the Karma they had built up and the lessons they had to learn to ensure when they die they reach spiritual enlightenment and break free of the cycle of life and death.  The perfect set up for being abused and thanking the perpetrator for it.

How far from the heart of God that loves us and gave Himself for us and gives us clear directions on how to live to avoid this and guides us as we stay in relationship with Him.  He heals us, he has compassion on us and His plans for us are for good not for evil, to bless and prosper us and restore the years of devastation and destruction brought about by our own decisions, the laws of the society we live in and the culture it creates that shapes our character.


Can this happen again? Have we as a society learnt the necessary lessons to ensure that members of society don’t fall to someone peddling what Anne Hamilton-Byrne did?  Are the checks and balances in place in the relevant institutions to ensure that the children which are our future is protected?

In short yes it is already happening and I have had to bring up my family ‘counter culture’ as God tells us through His word will be the case. Being in the world but not of the world and it’s system that seeks to violate the principles of how to live life God’s way as defined the world’s best seller the Holy bible!

All of life and the direction on how to live it is planted in seeds in four major fields of our lives by our parents, mentors, religious and or political organisations, education institutions, clubs, gangs, main stream and social media that when acted on produce results.

  1. Family, what it constitutes and how to successfully pass values onto the next generation which includes our sexuality.
  2. Friendships and how to manage relationships that are both personal ones and in society and business.
  3. Finances and how we use them.
  4. Our future both how to plan ahead for it both in life and what happens in eternity.

How we live in relation to these issues that deeply affect our lives is what both politics and religion speaks into.  As soon as you have more than one person you have a community, which has rules it lives by that are taught and enforced with consequences for behaviour.

I see all the signs played out in the ‘culture wars’ in Western civilisation in countries like America, Europe, Australia.  The tried experiments of totalitarian governments in communism and it’s close cousin socialism, with countries ruled by Islam where a religion and Sharia Law dictates what you believe and what you do have all failed but are tried over and over again where every detail and every part of life is controlled by the all knowing power of another person in authority.

Fascism Is Far Left, Not Far Right on Political Spectrum

To live in a country where most of the power is given to the individual to control their own outcomes is the country with the most prosperity and freedom.  The key is the individuals must have an underlying morality that is self governed on what is and is not acceptable behaviour.  The American constitution added this to their amendments and called them natural law of unalienable rights.  Western civilisation draws on the Judeo Christian values that God has revealed to man that is recorded in the Holy Bible. The level at which these are rejected or applied by an individual, family, community and country is the level of unintended consequences or state of prosperity that is experienced.

When a family unit is broken down and the individual hands the responsibility of decision in the four categories mentioned above to a leader that deviates from God’s counsel it is the level of destruction, manipulation and problems that the individual, family and society experiences.

As a society the lesson we can learn from ‘The Family’ is giving responsibility for every decision in these areas of our lives to an outside power that regulates every area of our lives is very dangerous and destructive.  The greatest evil as shown through communism and it’s many forms or the totalitarian implementation of Islam that is so prevalent in the Middle East is when this is done and it removes the freedom of an individual to make their own decisions and experience the consequences of those.

A country that allows freedom to practice or not practice a religion is exactly what Jesus modelled .  “He who has an ear let him hear!” Rather than you must practice this religion or adhere to the political ideology and if you don’t we will punish you or if you do practice one we will persecute or kill you as happens in many parts of the world.

That is called totalitarianism and this is exactly what ‘The Family’ model fits into with the wielding of spiritual power and the guise of benevolence and wanting the best for the individual as the honey pot. Big government that makes decisions and enacts laws to enforce them that decide on when someone can kill themselves or not, whether that’s the most vulnerable life in the womb of a mother or someone wanting to take their life through euthanasia. Controlling all aspects of life including issues of the womb and the tomb. A government that implements programs in school that tells a child they can decide their own gender and then provides programs that support the taking of gender blocking drugs that render a person irreversibly infertile and if they go through with sex changing surgery and 8 times chance of suicide then we have a cult.  Especially when you control the narrative and refuse to allow debate and shut down anyone who would add scrutiny and call it out as damaging and unethical. To prey on kids who still believe anything they want is possible and provide a magical gender fairy to make this possible is naive as best and wicked at worse due to the consequences for that child later in life if they ‘listen’ to the ‘gender fairy’. As with ‘The Family’ the motto was of ‘Unseen, Unheard, Unknown’ in essence, we are a closed group that will not allow any outside influence or scrutiny.  We are a law unto ourselves and if you want to be part of us you must give up an dissenting opinion or you will be destroyed!

Take what is taught in our schools and the agenda that directly fights against the wisdom of God’s word on every level and we have our state becoming a cult with social media, google, twitter, Snapchat© and the IT conglomerates that control what is allowed to stay and be propagated on their platform working as the definer of truth.  Big Brother with the all seeing screen and controller of reality from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ book has never been closer to reality.  The technology with facial recognition and social credits that give those the state deems as ‘good citizen’ access to fast trains, flights, health care, universities and those that they deem as bad are de-platformed is the ultimate cult.

A culture where the individual takes responsibility for their own actions, has the freedom to self determine the direction they take in life yet live with the real consequences (good or bad) of those decisions that allows them to come to their senses and change their mind and behaviour so that they choose to say no to their base appetites and addictions; is the key.

It’s all about Character.  Character is the level of which we’ve been able to overcome the nature in us that always gives into our base nature and it’s appetites. That wants to satisfy the appetites of the flesh, that wants our will and cares little about others and their needs.  This is the true role of any loving parent that teaches their child resilience and gives them the tools to control the outcomes of their lives rather than them requiring to be controlled because they can’t or won’t put limitations around their own behaviour.

When it comes to living our lives with our decisions informed by an eternal God whom we must give an account to, who desires to be in relationship with us; this is the healthiest way to live.  Behaviour observed is behaviour modified! Our sovereign free will isn’t violated, our leaders are held accountable to the rule of law that isn’t changed based on popular demand where young children are ‘educated’ and then get to vote through elections and opinion polls are manipulated and mainstream media is mobilised to enslave the individuals. Jesus told us that to those that love and obey Him.  He promises that all dominion, power and authority is given them to enact His will on earth and change the outcomes of life where we get back the rightful authority we were created for when we are in right relationship with God our Father rather than being ruled by the devil who enslaves us through us giving into our own will and appetites.

Anne was a useful pawn in the hands of the devil that did his handiwork.  Malevolent spiritual dismembered forces are always looking to inhabit humans so that they can implement their will in the destruction of mankind.  God who loves us and died in our place so we wouldn’t remain controlled by these forces is also looking for vessels who willingly on consciously surrender to His good pleasing and perfect will.
So the influences behind the ‘Culture Wars’ and what’s at stake is defined.

After nearly 30 years of serving the real Jesus Christ; the damage done by a counterfeit Jesus Christ, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, has been fully restored and I’m in a far better place than what I could of ever thought or imagined.  The real Jesus Christ promises this to all that would allow Him to be their saviour and Lord!

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